EDT SNAP1 – 1U data acquisition, storage, and playback. OTU4 to 512 GB SSD, USB, or 1GbE

The EDT SNAP1 1U system captures real-time, raw bit data for storage and playback. OTU4 data of 128, 256, or 512 GB is saved on an internal solid state drive, or to external nonvolatile memory via USB or 1 GbE. 32 or 64 GB snapshot memory is available. For extended storage, record and playback beyond ~ 11 minutes at OTU4, the unit pairs with a WSU1 for a 100G 9.8 TB recorder to become the EDT WRAP100G.

The SNAP1 front panel has 11 sockets, 6 optical including four SFP or SFP+, one QSFP+, and one CFP transceiver, supporting 155M – 2.7G via SFP, 9.9G – 11.7G via SFP+, 40GbE via QSFP+ or CFP, and 39.8G – OTU4 via CFP. The five electrical sockets support four SMAs (synchronization input / output, and reference clock input /output) and one Lemo for time code input. Software and GUI are included, and options are width extenders with or without rails.

Product Data

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