Kaya Komodo CoaXPress Frame Grabber | 4 Receive + 4 Transmit Channels

The Komodo 4CH CoaXPress Frame Grabber with data forwarding can receive a video stream from up to four CoaXPress links in single, dual, quad or octal modes, and simultaneously forward the stream to a connected compatible frame grabber, or host PC. It captures up to 2 quad link cameras simultaneously. Each link handles standard CoaXPress bitrates up to 6.25 Gbps. Video streams can be linked and transmitted to computer memory through the PCIe interface. GPIO is included for machine control signals, such as triggers, shaft encoders, exposure control and general I/O which can be controlled separately from video stream acquisition. Connectors are DIN for CoaXPress to the camera, and standard 100 mm headers for general purpose I/O. Upload videos to a computer is via PCIeG3 4 lane.

In summary, the 4 channel Komodo CoaXpress frame grabber with data forwarding features up to 4 6.25 Gbps receive channels and another 4 simultaneous re-transmit channels, PCIe Gen3 x 8 interface with up to 55 Gbps throughput, 136 Gbps DDR3 memory, PoCXP support on all channels, on board image processing (including FFC, DeBayer, and color correction), and flexible GPIO interface.

Block Diagram of the Komodo CoaXPress Frame Grabber

The Komodo CoaXPress Frame Grabber supports multiple modes of configuration and system topology. Few of these are presented in following diagrams.

Single Camera Topology

Dual Camera Topology

Product Data

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