EDT RCX C-Link Camera Link Extender, Base To 20 – 85 MHz

The VisionLink RCX is the latest generation of EDT extenders and supports base mode Camera Link over the complete 20 – 85 MHz camera pixel clock range. The VisionLink product is recommended for new projects. However, we will continue to supply the RCX C-Link product.

The RCX C-Link is a repeater that converts Camera Link data to fiberoptic. Remote location distances that can be achieved are

The RCX C-Link connects directly to the MDR-26 on the camera, and is comparable in size to a Camera Link cable connector. The module is then connected via an LC duplex fiberoptic cable. Small tolerances and connection to SDR is possible with adapter cables.

A unit at the camera connects via fiber to a unit at the framegrabber. It can also be directly connected to FOX, the legacy EDT base mode image capture framegrabber.

Multiple extenders can be connected to many cameras and any Camera Link frame grabbers for base, medium, or full mode image capture.

Product Data

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