NorPix Hermes API SDK

Easy user application integration with NorPix software | Large DLL library | C, C++ and .NET compatible for all CLI such as C#, VB.NET etc. | Based on MS Visual Studio

Add DVR capability to your custom application with the Hermes API software development kit.

Add digital video recording features to your application using the Hermes API.

Use HERMES API, a proven reliable API for DVR applications, to harness the DVR power capability of StreamPix or TroublePix into your own application.

HERMES API is the standard low-level library at NorPix. All NorPix end user software products, such as StreamPix or TroublePix, are developed on top of the HERMES API.

HERMES is a set of C++ callable objects and functions that can be added to your own application to handle image capture, image recording and playback, video compression as well as image display and exporting.

C, C++ and .NET compatible for all CLI languages (Common Language Infrastructure) such as C#, VB.NET and many others.

HERMES is built using Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 to provide ultimate performance under Windows operating systems and take advantage of modern multicore CPUs. For best operation, we recommend Windows 10, 64 bit, but HERMES supports also older Windows 7 or 8 and Vista, 32 bit and 64 bit.

NorPix HERMES API Features:

Product Data

Hermes API application created for remote control of a military vehicle.
Hermes API application for driving a military vehicle remotely.