Gidel FPGA IP Core for Real-time Lossless Compression | Bayer, Monochrome, RGB

Gidel’s lossless compression FPGA IP Core is real-time compression for Color Filter Arrays such as Bayer, Monochrome, and RGB images and videos.

The IP enables compression of multiple cameras or sensors at pixel clock rates exceeding 1 Giga pixels, while using very small FPGA resources and minimal power consumption. The compression is highly efficient, and has demonstrated video applications achieving a lossless compression ratio of 1:2.3.

Compression Performance Example

FPGA Arria 10 (slowest device)
Throughput 540 Mega components/s
Line size6 6K pixels/line
Bit / Component 8
Area (ALMs) 973
M20K 9
DSP blocks 9

The IP is supported by Gidel’s comprehensive ecosystem that allows tailoring of optimized solutions that may include image processing, vision algorithms, and a concurrent recording system. The recording system may also be complemented by Gidel’s CamSim playback system.

There are two compression modes:

  1. Compression of individual image frames.
  2. Compression of video using I and P frames.

The compression can be optimized either by pre-training based on sample images data, or by on-the-fly training based on real-time data.

The IP is supported by a decompression software enabling:

Gidel Lossless Real-time Compression ultra-compact IP Core for Color Filter Array, Bayer, RGB, Monochrome images.
Gidel Lossless Compression IP Core: ultra-compact IP (typical< 1000 ALMs).
Gidel Lossless Compression IP Core implementation using InfiiVision, compression and custom image processing.
Gidel Lossless Compression IP Core: with InfiiVision, compression and custom image processing implementation.

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