NorPix TroublePix

Multiple Simultaneous Cameras or Frame Grabbers | Realtime, live video direct to HDD, SSD, or RAM | Troubleshooting Solution

TroublePix is a digital video recording software package for acquiring live uncompressed or compressed video directly to your computer's hard disk or RAM memory with high speed and high resolution and multiple simultaneous cameras and GPS/IO/IRIG data recording.

Record live uncompressed or compressed video directly to your PC's RAM or hard disk drive in real time at up to 625 Mbytes/second. Create movie clips in AVI or other file formats such as bmp, tiff, multi-tiff, mpeg or jpeg format with no image drops when acquiring a sequence.

TroublePix turnkey solutions are available at 100, 200, 500, 750, and 4,500 frames per second at VGA resolution:

NorPix TroublePix Studio monitoring and troubleshooting software supports over 200 different brands of cameras and frame grabbers.
TroublePix software for monitoring and troubleshooting.

Product Data

NorPix TroublePix Studio with advanced continuous looping settings.
TroublePix performs Continuous Looping settings.
NorPix TroublePix multiple Event Markers features keeps a record of all markers.
TroublePix multiple Event Markers.
NorPix TroublePix Motion Detection Module performs detection over a region of interest and detects directly from camera or sequence.
TroublePix Motion Detection Module.
NorPix TroublePix Studio software with Color Remapping and Sound Detection features.
TroublePix Color Remapping and Sound Detection modes.
NorPix TroublePix Thumbnail Viewer allows view full sequence in thumbnail view and set size.
TroublePix Thumbnail Viewer.