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Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH of Munich, Germany, represents state-of-the-art designers, developers, and manufacturers of best-in-class electronics products and scientific instruments from around the world. We are based in the Eurozone at the centre of the European Union, and serve customers globally and in multiple currencies. Sky Blue also serves customers worldwide through its wholly owned subsidiary in England, Zerif Technologies Ltd, London.

Our products include FPGA Accelerators; High-Speed Data Acquisition, Storage, and Playback; Vision Systems and Digital Imaging including Cameras, Frame Grabbers, and Range Extenders for CoaXpress and CameraLink; Plasma Generation, Nanosecond Pulsers, and Fusion Diagnostics.

Applications include Machine Vision, Security, Surveillance, Signals Intelligence, Aerospace, Military, Defence, Telecoms, Network Monitoring, Real-Time Image Processing, Industrial Control, Software Defined Radio, Medical Imaging, Motion Analysis, Optical Inspection, Medical Devices, Plasma, Fusion Science, Frame Grabbers, High Frequency Trading, Sports Broadcasting and more.

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FPGA Main Board Accelerators and Mezzanine Cards. High-speed Data Acquisition, Storage, and Playback. Servers and Expansion Units.

Select a mezzanine board that meets your complex signaling requirements, and an FPGA accelerator main board compatible with your bus architecture, FPGA, and memory requirements. Our products serve SWAP-critical (size, weight, and power) real-time embedded applications, including datacom, telecom, radio, and broadcast video.

Optical and electrical carrier interfaces support all signal levels and conform to all standards including Gigabit Ethernet.

Capture high volume data in real time in data acquisition and mass storage units.


FPGA Main Board Accelerators and Mezzanine Cards – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH
Vision Systems and Digital Imaging – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH

Vision Systems and Digital Imaging

We offer a range of components for vision systems and digital imaging supporting Camera Link and CoxXpress, including cameras and simulators, frame grabbers, range extenders, mezzanine boards, and the Vision Point software and SDK.


Low Temperature Plasma, Pulsed Power, and Magnetic Diagnostics in Fusion Science

Our advanced industry, research, and laboratory instruments include pulsed power generators, solid state switches, high-voltage nanosecond pulsers, plasma sources, and ultra-stable high-gain integrators for fusion energy diagnostics.


Plasma, Pulsed Power, Fusion – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH
Accurate Computation with POSIT unum – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH

Beyond Floating Point – Accurate Computation with POSIT unum

VividSparks takes your computation power and efficiency beyond floating point to 2 or 3 decimal places more accuracy than single precision or double precision FP calculations.

VividSparks has developed a highly advanced implementation of the POSIT number system that gives 2 to 3 more decimal places accuracy over floating point computation, 32-bit and 64-bit respectively. This improved computational accuracy becomes exponential when calculations are iterative, or are input to a subsequent calculation.

Announcing the end of error, VividSparks has implemented POSIT as a soft IP core, a cloud service, or hardware components for commercial, industrial, and research applications.



Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH of Munich, Germany, is an international distributor for BittWare, Kaya Instruments, Eagle Harbour Technologies (EHT Inc.), Gidel, Engineering Design Team (EDT Inc.), VividSparks POSIT , MultiCamera.Systems, NorPix, Technisys, and other manufacturers of advanced solutions for science and industry. Best in class products are designed and manufactured by the foremost scientists and engineers in their field in the world.

Sky Blue also operates through its wholly owned subsidiary, Zerif Technologies Ltd, of London in England.


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Sky Blue products are used in industrial, scientific, research, machine vision, security, broadcasting, materials science, defense, and aerospace applications.