Cameras for Industrial Machine Vision

CoaXPress, CameraLink HS, HD-SDI, and CoaXPress over Fiber Interface Cameras

Machine Vision Cameras by Kaya Instruments – Area Scan (with ROI), CMOS, Global or Rolling Shutter 

The Kaya Instruments “Iron” Series are compact and lightweight machine vision cameras. These industrial grade cameras are classed as low size, low weight, and low power, known as low SWaP cameras, and operate well in low light. In addition to CoaXPress and a fiber interface supporting Camera Link HS, High Definition Serial Data Interface, or HD-SDI, is often used for broadcast cameras. Drawing as little as 3 Watts, these industrial cameras are available as a board-level camera, in a lightweight housing, or as a ruggedized camera in a small form factor.

The Kaya Instruments “JetCam” Series are high-speed but low-cost industrial cameras.

Kaya industrial cameras use the following monochrome or color sensors:

The Kaya machine vision cameras have the following image resolutions and megapixels MP:

Resolutions, fps:

Megapixels MP and Frames per Second in fps:

Frequency in Hz, or Frames per Second in fps, for Kaya industrial cameras, are:

Pixel Sizes of Kaya Instruments Machine Vision Cameras

Kaya Instruments Cameras - CoaXPress, SDI, CXP over Fiber, and fiber optic CLHS-X Interfaces

Product Spectrum

Industrial Machine Vision Cameras from Rauscher and Stemmer Imaging

Our machine vision technology for science and industry compares with the technical capabilities and price performance of products from Stemmer Imaging and Rauscher.

Stemmer Imaging provides CCD and CMOS area scan and line scan cameras supporting CoaXPress, CameraLink, and HD-SDI from Allied Vision, Teledyne DALSA, JAI, ViewWorks, VRmagic, The Imaging Source, and more. Frame grabbers by Euresys, Teledyne, and Silicon Software with CoaXPress and Camera Link interfaces are supplied by Stemmer Imaging.

Machine vision industrial automation cameras and frame grabber image acquisition products are available from Rauscher, who construct vision automation solutions using area scan cameras by Basler and Adimec, and line scan cameras by ViewWorks and Teledyne e2v.