cPCI DV C-Link – EDT Camera Link interface with a CompactPCI (3U or 6U) form factor

The cPCI DV C-Link is a Camera Link frame grabber that provides high-resolution capture of CCD and CMOS video images. Two MDR 26 connectors support one medium, or up to two base-mode, cameras.

The half height board fits in a CompactPCI slot. 3U and 6U versions are available. Image capture and display is in real-time, and camera speed, resolution, and number of buffers is limited by your bandwidth and memory only.

System must have a 3U or 6U compact PCI slot, and minimum 66 MHz (33 MHz will work at slower data rates). EDT device drivers and SDKs can be downloaded.

Product Data

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EDT cPCI DV C-Link video frame grabber with two MDR26, one opto-coupled Berg, and one optional DB15 connectors for data and control needs supporting base, dual base, medium modes.
cPCI DV C-Link: 2x MDR26, 1x opto-coupled Berg, and 1x optional DB15 connectors for data and control needs.