CXP IP Cores | Vision Systems Dev Kits and Development Tools

Kaya Instruments CoaXPress FPGA Intellectual Property Cores 

Kaya Instruments offers ready-to-use CXP IP Cores for host-side and device-side FPGAs. 

The host-side CXP IP assumes a PCIe card and either a Windows PC or Linux, but can also be implemented in any format on a supported FPGA, as this is a standard Kaya CXP frame grabber IP Core. 

Both frame grabber CXP IP and camera-side CXP IP are available as either an encrypted NetList or as open source. You cannot change the encrypted NetList Kaya CXP IP, whereas you can adapt, amend, extend, and otherwise reprogram the Kaya CXP open source IP, and user-defined algorithms can be embedded.

CoaXPress Versions 1 and 2 are available, so you can implement CXP-6 Gbps and CXP-12 Gbps IP Cores.

Gidel “ProcVision” Machine Vision Development Kit and Tools  

Gidel provides the “ProcDev” Proc Developer’s Kit for fast and accurate FPGA programming, from which is derived the “ProcVision” FPGA development kit for frame grabber IP Core tailoring and algorithm embodiment.

This Kit also includes debugging templates, imaging libraries, GenICam support, a camera simulator, and a signal tracing utility to form a comprehensive developer’s kit suite of FPGA vision development tools.