Gidel HawkEye 10GigE Vision Frame Grabber | Multi-Camera, synchronised | ROI, Link Aggregation, Chunk Data | 20 Gbps

The Gidel HawkEye 10GigE Vision frame grabbing and real-time image processing system supports link aggregation, chunk data transmission, ROI capture capability, and comprehensive system I/Os. 

Available as

2x SFP+ for 20G

1x QSFP+ and 3x SFP++ for 70G

4x QSFP28 for 400G

4x QSFP28 and Carirer Board for 700G

Payload types supported are 0x0001 Uncompressed image data, and 0x4001: Image plus extended chunk data.

Support for area and line cameras. PCIe Gen 3 x8 provides CPU-free ultra-fast data offload. Multi-camera synchronization via hardware triggering or PTP (Precision Time Protocol), and complex I/O system control. 100% frame capture and no frame loss. 

The boards are supported by Gidel’s development tools, including the ProcVision Kit for tailoring, debugging and verifying the FPGA image processing and data flow, and the Proc Dev Kit for generating automatically the Application Support Packages (ASPs) and the environment FPGA code, including all board/IP constrains and user logic wrapper.

Gidel HawkEye 10GigE accelerator diagram showing key hardware elements.
Hardware accelerator diagram: Gidel HawkEye 10GigE implementation. 

Product Data

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Gidel HawkEye 10GigE frame grabber is featured 2 x 10GigE links with acquisition bandwidth of 20 Gb/s.
Gidel HawkEye 10GigE: grabbing from 2 x 10 GigE links.