Frame Grabber CLHS-X or CoF | 4CH SFP+ | CXP over Fiber or CameraLink High Speed

The Kaya Komodo Fiber series are economical, high performance frame-grabbers that can be configured for CXP-over-Fiber (CoF) and CameraLink High Speed X-Protocol (CLHS-X). These frame grabbers have 4x SFP+ cages for optical transceivers.

The boards offer a flexible DDR4 memory system and up to 50 Gbps through the four optical interfaces. A high-speed 8-lane Gen 3.0 PCI express interface allows fast data transfer between optical links and computer memory.

A GPIO connector enables machine control signals such as triggers, timers, shaft-encoders, exposure control and general I/O along with video stream acquisition.

All of these features make the Komodo II CXP over Fiber Frame Grabber ideal for a wide range of applications, including network processing and security, computing and storage, instrumentation, broadcast, defense, and aerospace.


Single Camera Topology

Single Topology Kaya Komodo 4x SPF plus Frame Grabber showing the card and 1x camera link.
Single Camera Topology: One Single, Dual or Quad links.

Quad Camera Topology

Quad Topology of Kaya Komodo 4x SPF plus Frame Grabber showing the board and 4x camera links.
Quad Camera Topology: Four Single links.

Ordering options

Product Data

Kaya Komodo Fiber Frame Grabber FPGA with external synchronization configuration option.
Kaya Komodo Fiber Grabber: external synchronization configuration.

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Kaya Komodo II Camera Link High Speed and CoaXPress-over-Fiber Fiber Fram Grabbers with 4GB onboard video cache and up to 55 Gbps through PCIe transfer rate.
Kaya Komodo II CLHS and CoF Frame Grabbers support 4GB onboard video cache. 
Hardware accelerator diagram of Kaya Komodo II CLHS and CoF 4x SPF plus, 1x QSFP plus Fiber Frame Grabber showing connection and description of electronic components of the board.
Hardware accelerator diagram: Kaya Komodo II CLHS and CoF Frame Grabbers.