Kaya KY-CL2CXP – CL to CXP Adapter – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH

KY-CL2CXP – Camera Link to CoaXPress adapter over coax, extended range and bandwidth

The Camera Link to CoaXPress (CL to CXP) converter by Kaya Instruments solves the short cable distance problem of Cameral Link. A single adapter converts Camera Link to CoaXpress format for bidirectional transmission over coaxial cable. Further extension is possible by conversion to of CoaXpress to Fiber.

Camera Link Base and Medium is supported. The Kaya CL to CXP adapter is compatible with the included Vision Point GUI software and SDK.

KY-CL2CXP extends CoaXpress features to Camera Link, such as cost, distance, and bandwidth.

Hardware accelerator diagram of Kaya KY-CL2CXP adapter.
Hardware accelerator diagram: Camera Link to CoaXPress Adapter KY-CL2CXP.

Product Data

Kaya KY-CL2CXP adapter with standard SDR26 connectors solves distance limitation of Camera Link.
Kaya KY-CL2CXP solves distance limitation of Camera Link.