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Kaya Instruments RPU104 Integrated Vision System | NVIDIA Jetson GPU | CoaXPress PC104 Frame Grabber

The Kaya Instruments KY-RPU104 is an integrated vision system consisting of Nvidia’s Jetson AGX Xavier and a Kaya frame grabber supporting the CoaXPress 2.0 standard. A proprietary carrier board binds them together to create an independent system that is rugged, reliable and resistant to shock and vibrations across a wide temperature range.

Connectivity is via a D-Sub connector, Auxiliary power input, 2 HDMI outputs, USB 2 and 3 connectors (2 of each), 2 serial RS232 (or RS422), 4 MIPI-CSI, a single M.2 NVME module slot, PCIe/104 stack down connector, an audio interface as well as a M.2 E slot for WiFi and Bluetooth.

All these features make the RPU104 ideally suited for industrial, defense and aerospace Machine Vision Systems and applications.



Kaya Instrument RPU104 PCI/e104 Integrated Vision System hardware accelerator diagram showing key hardware elements.
Hardware accelerator diagram of Kaya RPU104 PCI/e104 Frame Grabber.

Product Data

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Kaya Instrument RPU104 CoaXPress PCIe/104 Frame Grabber with High Performance NVIDIA AI and GUI Interface.
Kaya RPU104 CoaXPress PCIe/104 Integrated Vision System with High Performance NVIDIA AI.
Xavier Jetson PC104 HW Block Diagram showing key hardware issues.
Xavier Jetson PC104 HW Block Diagram.