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KY-FGP2 – Kaya Predator2 1CH CXP2 Frame Grabber, bitrate 12.5 Gbps, uplink 20 Mbps, 20 W PoCXP

The KY-FGP2 Predator2 by Kaya Instruments is a low-cost frame grabber that supports the new 12G CoaXPress 2.0 standard.

The single channel CXP2 frame grabber receives a video stream at bitrates up to 12.5 Gbps. The uplink is a 20 Mbps interface, and its Power-over-CoaXpress provides up to 20W to the camera.

The single CoaXPress link uses DMA to the PCIe interface. Machine control of triggers, shaft encoders, exposure control, and general IO is via built-in General Purpose I/O (GPIO), which is located on the front bracket for easy access. This operates alongside video streaming to the card.

The CXP camera connectors are standard micro-BNC, and GPIO is via standard D-sub 26 HD connectors. Communication with the host PC for video streaming and control, and configuration is via PCIe, implemented as Generation 2 with 4 lanes (PCIe2g4).

CoaXPress interface bitrates of 1.25Gbps, 3.125Gbps, and 6.25Gbps are also supported by CoaXPress 2.0, as it is backward-compatible with earlier standards preceding CXP2.

Compare the exceptional price-performance of the Kaya Predator 2 with first-generation single channel CoaXPress frame grabbers from Aon-CXP, Bitflow, or Active Silicon Firebird.

This low profile card supports all on-board image processing methods, and it conforms to 2nd generation CoaXPress 2.0. Future expansion in single channel CoaXPress acquisition is built-in to this frame grabber.

All Kaya Instruments vision products are supported by the downloadable Vision Point software application and SDK, including the CXP2 1CH Predator2.

The Kaya Instruments Predator2 single channel CXP2 frame grabber is well suited to applications in machine vision, surveillance, industrial, security, aerospace, defense, and many more.

Hardware KY-FGP2 accelerator diagram of Kaya Predator2 showing specification and operation of electronic elements of the board.
Hardware accelerator diagram: Kaya KY-FGP2 Predator2.

Single Camera Topology

Single KY-FGP2 Topology of Predator2 CoaXPress Frame Grabber showing the board and 1x camera links.
Single Camera Topology: Kaya KY-FGP2 Predator2 CoaXPress.

Product Data

Kaya KY-FGP2 Predator2 CoaXPress Frame Grabber FPGA board with 1x 12.5 Gbps channels supporting PoCXP and 12.5 Gbps PCIe interface.
Kaya KY-FGP2 Predator2 CoaXPress: 1x 6.25 Gbps channels supporting PoCXP.
Kaya KY-FGP2 Predator2 PCIe Gen2 x4 low profile PCIe card with 4 Gb image buffer.
Kaya KY-FGP2 Predator2 – PCIe Gen2 x4 low profile PCIe card.

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