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KY-FMC-CXP – Kaya FPGA Mezzanine Card for CoaXPress, 5 link video capture, GPIO, HPC

The Kaya Instruments FPGA Mezzanine Card series offers host and device link combinations of 2 and 3, 4 and 1, or 1 and 4, indicat-ed by the model numbers KY-FMC-CXP-2R3T, KY-FMC-CXP-4R1T, and KY-FMC-CXP-4T1R.

Video can be captured over up to 5 channels at 6.25 Gbps each, connected to the front panel by standard DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors.

The five links can be deployed individually, or combined across devices. For example, you could attach one link to one camera, and two links each to two additional cameras, totalling 5 links.

In addition to the included IP (pre-programmed routines for the FPGA), custom protocols and user-specific pre-processing can be programmed into the FPGA.

The Kaya FMC board can be used as camera simulator by emulating up to 5 transmit channels.

Each host link can carry 13 W to the devices via PoCXP (Power over CoaXPress). The interface to the host board is by high-pin count connector (HPC).

The included isolated General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) is ruggedised for harsh environments, including conduction cooling to meet industrial operating temperature ranges. It can control exposure, shaft encoders, triggers, and general IO.

Applications include industrial, defense and aerospace. Customer customisation is available. Standards compliance includes VITA 57.1, JIIA and ECT.

Hardware KY-FMC-CXP FPGA Mezzanine Card for CoaXPress showing specification and operation of electronic elements.
Hardware accelerator diagram: Kaya KY-FMC-CXP.

Product Data

Kaya KY-FMC-CXP FPGA Mezzanine Card with up to 5 CoaXPress links and standard DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors.
Kaya KY-FMC-CXP with up to 5x 6.25 Gbps channels.

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