Kaya Komodo Fiber Frame Grabber (KY-FGF) | 4 SFP+, QSFP+, 40 Gbps

Komodo Fiber is an economical, high performance frame-grabber featuring 4 SFP+ 10 Gbps and a single QSFP+ 40 Gbps optical transceiver. This FPGA card has flexible DDR3 memory with up to 144 Gb available and 128 Gbps throughput. A high speed 8 lane PCIg3 express interface allows fast video transfers between optical links and computer memory. Connection to devices externally is via GPIO.

Camera control and configuration is by PCIe. Latency is minimal as the QSFP+ and SFP+ interfaces are connected directly to FPGA device transceiver channels.

Block Diagram of the Komodo Fiber Frame Grabber

The Komodo Fiber Frame Grabber supports multiple modes of configuration and system topology. Few of these are presented in following diagrams.

Single Camera Topology

Dual Camera Topology

Quad Camera Topology

Product Data


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