FT-1 Fiber transmitter, 1 channel – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH

Fiber transmitter FT-1 (1 channel)

The FT-1 is a compact BNC-to-fiber optic transmitter with single channel. This fiber interface can be used for typical laboratory control needs. FT-1 is ideally suited for applications such as safe / noise immune triggering of experiments using 2.2 mm plastic fiber, or communicating with other fiber optic products.


EHT Fiber optic isolator waveform showing FT/FR pair rise, fall, and delay into 50 Ω with 1 m fiber length.
Fiber optic isolator waveform: FT/FR pair rise, fall, and delay into 50 Ω.

Product Data

EHT FTB1-1000 Fiber transmitter showing 1 channel with 50 Ω input impedance and 3 ns typical rise / fall times.
Fiber transmitter FTB1-1000: 1 channel and 5.5 maximum BNC input.