Kaya CMV 50 Mp – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH

CMV-50 – Kaya 50 Mpix CMOS global shutter fibre camera – 110µs to 65s exposure, 30fps, and 64dB dynamic range

The 50 megapixel fibre camera – CMV-50 by Kaya Instruments with CMOS global shutter offers exceptional exposure range between 110 micro-seconds to 65 seconds. The camera can be triggered in different modes for applications such as machine vision, industrial automation inspection, surveillance, defence, military, and security.

Best price performance is achieved by designing-in low cost industry standard optical components used for network applications.

The Kaya CMV-50 fibre camera includes single or dual 10Gbit optical connections to provide full frame rates per sensor. Four cameras can be connected to each PCIe slot.

Workflow of the Kaya Instruments CMV-50 shutter fibre camera showing an interaction scheme among CMV-50, frame grabber, and vision point driver and SDK.
Kaya Instruments CMV-50 camera workflow: CMV-50 / Frame grabber / Vision point driver and SDK.

When used with a Komodo PCIe fiber frame grabber by Kaya Instruments, the product line is compatible with AMD DirectGMA  and NVidia GPUDirect technologies for demanding environments.

Full 30 fps frame rates are achieved with the CMOSIS CMV-50000 50 Megapixel sensor. Specifically, the CMV-50 incorporates the ams/CMOSIS CMV50000ES-1E3M1PA or CMV50000ES-1E3C1PA sensor.

Specifications: Kaya CMV-50 CMOS global shutter 30 fps fibre camera

Model CMV-50
Sensor ams/CMOSIS CMV50000
Architecture Global Shutter CMOS
Configuration Mono, Bayer Color
Active Pixels 7920 (H) x 6004 (V), 47.5 Mpix
Pixel Size 4.6 x 4.6 μm
Active Image Size 36.4 x 27.6 mm (35 mm Full Frame)
Sensor Outputs 24 lvds outputs from sensor.
Digitized 12 bits, Output 8/12 bits.
Frame Rate See Table
Dynamic Range 64 dB
Pixel Clock Speed Programmable 10 – 69 Mhz
Full Well Charge 16000e
Global Shutter Minimum Exposure TBD
Minimum Exposure 110 μsec
Read Noise 2.4 DN
Trigger Modes Free Run, Triggered Programmed, Pulse Width Exposure, HDR
Lens Mount Options M58/OEM, M72, Nikon F, Canon EF, Phase 1,
Power 7 – 12 VDC at 10 W Reverse power protected
Operating Temperature -40 ºC to +85 ºC (Design Tested)
Defect Correction Row, Column, Pixel, Hot Pixel
Options Tripod Adapter
Kaya Instruments CMV-50 global shutter camera with 50 megapixel CMOSIS CMV-50000 sensor supporting AMD DirectGMA and NVidia GPUDirect technologies.
CMV-50 camera: 50 mp CMOSIS CMV-50000 (1E3C1PA or 1E3M1PA).