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EDT Microblade Data Recorders

Engineering Design Team’s (EDT) Microblade recorders are designed with low size, weight and power (SWAP) in mind, and offer high performance in a small footprint. Measuring just 23.5 x 14.5 cm (9.5 x 5.75 inches) and packed with up to 15TB of storage density per channel, these compact systems are built for applications at the edge or even in the lab. 

Microblade recorders come with up to two high-speed optical interfaces each with a single SFP+ capable of recording and playback of 10GbE, STM, OTN, and VITA-49 and optionally allow recording of PCAP on 10GbE data streams. 

The I/O interfaces also feature FPGA resources for framing, aligning and descrambling data and automatically detect standard telecom and Ethernet data rates. 

EDT’s recorder software provides a web-based user interface for local and remote access and command and control of the recorder is exposed via a REST API for ease of integration with your own applications or scripts. Options for importing and exporting files are included for ease of integration into your lab or offloading data from the field. 

EDT also offers custom firmware solutions for your unique and specific challenges.

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EDT Microblade Data Recorders supports 2x SFP-plus for 10GbE optionally PCAP, STM, OTN, VITA-49, and packed with up to 15TB of storage density per channel.
EDT Microblade Recorders supports 2x SFP+ for 10GbE (optionally PCAP), STM, OTN, and VITA-49.