Kaya Komodo II 4 CH COF 12G – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH

Kaya Instruments “Komodo II COF“ CXP 12G CoaXPress 2.1 over Fiber 4 Channel Frame Grabber

Kaya Instruments “Komodo II COF“ is a CXP2 frame grabber with 4 optical transceiver interfaces for connection of CoaXPress directly via fiber cable to the host. Throughput is 50G and the interface is PCIe Gen3 x8.

The board offers a flexible DDR4 memory system and up to 50 Gbps through the four optical interfaces. A high-speed 8-lane Gen 3.0 PCI express interface allows fast data transfer between optical links and computer memory.

A GPIO connector enables machine control signals such as triggers, timers, shaft-encoders, exposure control and general I/O along with video stream acquisition.

All of these features make the Komodo II CXP over Fiber Frame Grabber ideal for a wide range of applications, including network processing and security, computing and storage, instrumentation, broadcast, defense, and aerospace.

Features of the KY-FGF-II-COF

Product Data

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Kaya Komodo II 4 CH CXP over Fiber frame grabber with CoaXPress v2.1 fiber channels supporting CoaXPress Multi-stream – 4 streams.
Kaya Komodo II CXP over Fiber frame grabber with 4 x CXP v2.1 fiber channels.
Hardware accelerator diagram of Kaya Komodo II 4 CH CXP over Fiber frame grabber showing connection and description of electronic components of the boards.
Hardware accelerator diagram: Kaya Komodo II CXP over Fiber frame grabber.