BittWare S7t-VG6 Achronix Speedster7t – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH

Bittware 7nm Achronix Speedster7t FPGA Board | QSFP-DD for 1x 400G or 6x 100G | 8GB GDDR6 up to 512GB/s | 56Gbps SERDES

Not just more gates, but better data highways, more programmable elements, and 8x GDDR6 memories delivering 4Tbps of aggregate bandwidth for the most demanding compute-intensive applications up to 41K INT8 MACs and 134 INT4 TOPS with multiple floating-point and integer numerical formats.

The Bittware S7t-VG6 is built on the 7nm Achronix FPGA for high-speed networking and memory access. The QSFP-DD double-density cage supports up to 1x 400 Gbps or 4x 100 Gbps on the 56G PAM4 device. Another QSFP port provides 2x 100G, plus a 4x OCuLink connector supports NVMe attached storage. 16 channels of GDDR6 graphics DRAM meet high-bandwidth memory requirements at up to 512 GBs.

The S7t-VG6 7nm FPGA

Logic and memory resources on the FPGA are up to 692K 6-input LUTs  (lookup tables), and 189 MB RAM. 2,560 machine-learning blocks (MLPs) optimized for AI/ML are featured on this “Network on a Chip” FPGA.

Network Ports, Network on a Chip

This NoC delivers 20Tbps bandwidth of data streamed in-, out-, and across the device, and the QSFP-DD and QSFP56 ports are hardened multi-rate MAC for 10-400 GbE.


Storage includes NVMe access for data recorder and data processing applications, and OCuLink expansion to NVMe flash, diretly streamed from network ports to flash arrays.

Sensor Processing

Sensor Processing is provided by GPIO and SerDes expansion ports for direct interface to custom data and control signals, and to attach to complementary sensor and processor technologies directly.

Design and Development Toolkits

The powerful BittWorks II Toolkit provides drivers, libraries, utilities and example projects for accessing, integrating and developing applications for the S7t.

Application development on the Speedster7t uses the Achronix development environment, “ACE”. The ACE design tools handle the hardware design workflow, supporting VHDL and Verilog RTL code and industry standard simulation. ACE allows access to advanced chip features such the NoC, and comes with an version of Synplify-Pro from Synopsys optimized for the Speedster7t.

A software development toolkit is available including PCIe driver, libraries and board monitoring utilities, as are FPGA example projects.

BittWare S7t-VG6 Achronix Speedster7t accelerator diagram showing key hardware elements.
Hardware accelerator diagram: S7t-VG6 with Achronix Speedster AC7t1500.

Product Data

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BittWare S7t-VG6 Achronix Speedster7t VectorPath Accelerator Card with the latest 7nm FPGA technology.
S7t-VG6 with the latest 7nm FPGA technology.
BittWare S7t-VG6 Achronix Speedster7t is equipped with QSFP56 - 4x SerDes lanes and up to 200GbE, QSFP-DD – 8x SerDes lanes and up to 400GbE.
S7t-VG6 interfaces: QSFP56 with 4 SerDes lanes supporting up to 200GbE, QSFP-DD with 8 SerDes lanes supporting up to 400GbE.
BittWare S7t-VG6 Achronix Speedster7t Machine Learning Processor block.
Machine Learning Processor block of S7t-VG6.