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EDT microWRAP 25G | 12 to 24 TB of storage | Two optical real-time 12.5 Gbs | x/86 AMD G-series processor | Linux 256 GB and 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM | SFP/+ | 10 GbE playback

The EDT μWRAP 25G is a compact system with 12 to 24 TB of storage, and two optical interfaces for recording and playback. This is low SWaP (size, weight, and power) solution in a small, self-contained system. It operates with two real-time 12.5 Gbs data streams with framed data capture.

The open system is powered by an x/86 architecture AMD G-series processor running Linux with 256 GB system storage with up to 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM.

Each optical blade has an SFP/+ transceiving at STM64, 10 GbE, or OTU2f. FPGA resources are provided for framing, aligning, and descrambling data. The SFP/+ also supports PCAP record and 10 GbE playback.

Command and control operations are through a RESTful interface for easy tool integration. System control is via multiple ethernet ports.

Product Data

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EDT μWRAP 25 GB compact record and playback system supporting 25 GB (2x 12.5 Gbs) optical real-time data streams and 24 TB of storage.
EDT μWRAP 25 GB record / playback system with up to 24 TB storage.
EDT μWRAP 25 GB compact record and playback system equipped with two high speed optical interfaces supporting 10 GbE, STM64, or OTU2f, and FPGA resources.
EDT μWRAP 25 GB with two high speed optical interfaces.

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