EDT OCMP Mezz – Optical or electrical 1 GbE – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH

EDT OCMP Mezzanine with electrical / optical 1 GbE, SONET OC3/12/48

This solution is superseded by the EDT PCIe8g3 S5 1/2-height series boards, but is still be available for system expansion or replacement, where a main/mezz configuration is preferred, or where a mainboard already exists and this is a non-complicated and cost-effective means of achieving your desired functionality.

The EDT OCMP (formerly OCM, but now with a programmable clock) is a mezzanine board that pairs with an EDT PCI or PCI Express main board to support electrical or optical 1 GbE, SONET OC3/12/48 (SDH STM1/4/16), or both. The OCMP has two VCXOs (volt-controlled crystal oscillators) that are programmable or settable to multiple frequencies. Two SFP (small form pluggable) transceivers ae included. Each SFP supports 1 GbE or OC3/12 (STM1/4), and one also supports OC48 (STM16). The board has up to 2 GB of DRAM for snapshot recording and data buffering.

Product Data

OCMP Mezzanine with 2x programmable VCXOs and electrical / optical 1 GbE, SONET OC3/12/48 (SDH STM1/4/16) by Engineering Design Team, Inc.
EDT OCMP Mezzanine for PCI / PCIe main board supporting support electrical / optical 1 GbE, SONET OC3/12/48 (SDH STM1/4/16).