QD-F910A and B – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH

The QD-F910 A and B | Low-profile PCIe Gen 3 | Intel Arria 10 GX FPGA | 2x QSFP+ 40 Gbps each | >32 GB.

QD-F910 is a low-profile PCIe card based on the Intel Arria 10 GX FPGA. The Arria 10 boasts high densities and a power-efficient FPGA fabric married with a rich feature set including high-speed transceivers, hard floating point DSP blocks, and embedded Gen3 PCIe. The board offers over 32 GB of memory, sophisticated clocking and timing options, and two front panel QSFP cages, each supporting 40 Gbps.

The Altera Arria 10 FPGA provides system-level integration and flexible design and up to 1.5TFlops. High thermal design removes the need for external or auxiliary heat dissipation as long-term operating temperature is stabilized at 67°C or less.

The board supports the OpenVINO toolkit, Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit, the Intel® Media SDK computer vision libraries and the AlexNet, GoogleNet, Tiny Yolo, LeNet, SqueezeNet, VGG1, and ResNet topologies (with more to come), as well as the OpenCL graphics drivers and runtimes.

The Intel® FPGA Deep Learning Acceleration Suit serves more applications, and data parallelism can be achieved using DNRange mode, or task parallelism in Pipeline mode.

Intended for low-latency, high-intensity applications such as high-performance computing, deep learning, data acquisition, high-frequency trading, network processing and signal processing.

Supported Operating Systems are Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS 64bit, CentOS 7.4 64 bit, and Windows 10 (more to follow).

Hardware accelerator diagram of QD-910A and QD-910B Heterogeneous Intel Arria 10 FPGA Cards showing specification and operation of electronic elements of the Accelerators.
Hardware accelerator diagram for QD-910A and QD-910B Heterogeneous Intel Arria 10 FPGA Accelerators.

Product Data

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Intel Arria 10 based Heterogeneous FPGAs – QD-910A and QD-910B with 1.519 and 1.366 TFlops computing performance as well as 1,506K and 865K system logic elements.
QD-910A / QD-910B Heterogeneous FPGA Cards support 1.519 / 1.366 TFlops computing performance.
QD-910A and QD-910B Heterogeneous Arria 10 FPGA Accelerators with GX1150 and GX660 chips
Intel Arria 10 based FPGAs: QD-910A accelerator with GX1150 and QD-910B with GX660.