EDT WRAP 10G Server – Wideband recording and playback – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH

WRAP 10G for any EDT boards – EDT wideband recording and playback 3U server

The EDT WRAP 10G is a powerful, flexible 3U computer system that records and plays back up to 10 Gbs of data acquired through an EDT board. It supports many data formats, including electrical and optical ethernet, LVDS, ECL, and OC3/12/48/192 (STM1/4/16/64). The system comprises an EDT computer and 16 qualified and tested drives providing 16 TB storage. EDT’s WRAPSODY software with drivers, application code, own GUI, and library and software for the record/playback server is included. The WRAP 10G can be operated remotely, and it works with all pairs of EDT boards. Accessories include a 1U rack-mount keyboard and monitor and a 16 additional disk drive “WRAP PACK”.

Product Data

alt	WRAP 10G recording-playback 3U unit supporting 16 additional disk drive “WRAP PACK” and electrical and optical Ethernet, LVDS, ECL, and OC3/12/48/192 (STM1/4/16/64).
EDT WRAP 10G powerful, flexible 3U computer system: electrical and optical ethernet, LVDS, ECL, and OC3/12/48/192 (STM1/4/16/64).