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Nanosecond Pulse Generators

The Nanosecond Pulse Generator (NSP) series by Eagle Harbor Technologies (EHT) is available in either low or high power variants to easily drive capacitive loads, like dielectric barrier discharges and other low-temperature plasmas.

Low power units operate at 30 W, 60 W, and 120 W. High power pulsars operate at 1000 W, 3300 W, and 5000 W.

In a very user-friendly format, the three key output parameters of short pulses can be independently and continuously controlled by the user, on the front panel or by fiber-optic trigger. The range of adjustments are:

Adjusting these values gives the user excellent pulse control with high precision timing.

All units operate at a fast rise time of 20 ns. Dielectric capacitive loads vary from 0 to 100 A current output.

EHT NSPs achieve fast output repetition rates of ultra short high voltage pulses with continuously variable output pulse lengths. High voltage isolation is integrated into the design. The units can be controlled via a fibre optic gate.

A clean square wave form is produced, although the exact pulse shape depends on the load. Further, different pulse waveforms can be achieved by adding a magnetic compression stage.


Please consider the options that are necessary or advisable for your aplication, and feel free to call or write us to discuss.

Low-power models

Max PRF,
Rise Time,

Pulse Width2,

NSP-30-5 30 5 6 20 20-250
NSP-30-10 30 10 4 20 30-250
NSP-30-20 30 20 1 20 40-250
NSP-30-30 30 30 0.5 50 50-250
NSP-60-5 60 5 12 20 20-250
NSP-60-10 60 10 8 20 30-250
NSP-60-20 60 20 4 20 40-250
NSP-60-30 60 30 2 50 50-250
NSP-120-5 120 5 30 20 20-250
NSP-120-10 120 10 20 20 30-250
NSP-120-20 120 20 10 20 40-250
NSP-120-30 120 30 5 50 50-250

The EHT low power series has an output impedance of 300 Ω / 600 Ω / 1200 Ω / 2400 Ω for the 5 kV / 10 kV / 20 kV / 30 kV units, respectively.

1 – Power is measured at DC supply

2 – 40-500 ns PW range also available for NSP-30/60/120

Note: Specifications may not be simultaneous maximums. See user's manual for operational area figures.

Grounding Options

Pulse Width Options

External Control Options

High-power models

Max PRF,
Rise Time,

Pulse Width,

NSP-1000-5 1000 5 50 20 20-250
NSP-1000-10 1000 10 40 20 30-250
NSP-1000-20 1000 20 30 20 40-250
NSP-3300-5 3300 5 100 20 20-250
NSP-3300-10 3300 10 100 20 30-250
NSP-3300-20 3300 20 100 20 40-250
NSP-5000-5 5000 5 100 20 20-250
NSP-5000-10 5000 10 100 20 30-250
NSP-5000-20 5000 20 100 20 40-250

1 – Power is measured at DC supply

Grounding Options

Pulse Width Options

External Control Options

Other Options

The Spartan

The EHT Spartan is a high-power nanosecond pulser designed to bias electrodes, capacitive discharges, and grids often used in industrial applications such as semiconductor, accelerator, surface treatment, or water purification.

Spartan features adjustable waveforms by user controlled independent pulse repetition frequency, output voltage, and pulse width. This flexibility allows the user precision control over industrial processes. The Spartan system can be directly triggered by a fiber-optic triggers or with EHT's controller that can be configured with a variety of industrial protocols.

Water cooling allows high pulse repetition frequencies at high average power levels.


Spartan is designed to efficiently drive capacitive loads. The system has the following specifications:

Cooling requirement: Facility Water (or 7.5 kW and 200 kHz air cooled)


Product Spectrum

The EHT NSP range of nanosecond pulsers allows continuous and independent adjustment of voltage (kV), pulse repetition frequency (kHz), and pulse width PW (ns), apart from which it shares characteristics with fixed-value units from FID GmbH, particularly the FPG-N series, at a lower delivery lead time.

In the pulsed power category, Behlke Power Electronics GmbH make fast solid-state high voltage switches using MOSFET and IGBT technology.

Product Data

Nanosecond Pulsers: Low-power NSP-120-20-F by Eagle Harbor Technologies.
Nanosecond Pulsers: Low-power NSP-120-20-F model.
Nanosecond Pulser – High-power NSP-5000-F by EHT.
Nanosecond Pulser: High-power NSP-5000-F model.
Nanosecond Pulsers: low-power NSP-120-20 by EHT.
Nanosecond Pulsers: Low-power NSP-120-20 model.
Nanosecond Pulser – High-power NSP-5000 by Eagle Harbor Technologies.
Nanosecond Pulser: High-power NSP-5000 model.
Nanosecond Pulsers: Low-power NSP-100 by Eagle Harbor Technologies.
Nanosecond Pulsers: Low-power NSP-100 model.
Nanosecond Pulser 20 ns pulse width with 20 ns fast rise time waveform.
20 ns pulse width and 20 ns fast rise time of Nanosecond Pulser waveform.
Nanosecond Pulser 100 ns pulse width with 20 ns fast rise time waveform.
100 ns pulse width with 20 ns fast rise time of Nanosecond Pulser waveform.
EHT Spartan high-power Nanosecond Pulser is featured with 0-8 kV voltage and 0-400 kHz pulse-to-pulse repetition frequency.
Spartan high-power Nanosecond Pulser with 0-8 kV adjustable voltage.
The Spartan high-power Nanosecond Pulser waveform showing 7 kV output voltage into a 10 nF load.
7 kV output voltage waveform into a 10 nF load of the Spartan high-power Nanosecond Pulser.

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