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EHT Semi Semiconductor Fabrication Products

The EHT Semi plasma products achieve the highest semiconductor fabrication etch quality with precision control of the ion energy distribution (IED) at lowest minimum critical dimensions, yet with etching rates comparable to RF generators.

Our product range for semiconductor fabrication is summarized in the following table. Click any link for further information:

Model Applications Uni- or Bipolar maximums: MHz
kV kW A
Spartan Wafer bias, Chucking Unipolar 14 20 175 600
Hoplight Wafer bias, Chucking Unipolar 18 5 130 600
Perseus Wafer bias Bipolar 16 20 110 600
Mid-Freq. RF Wafer bias, Plasma generation Bipolar 25 100 3 кА 1
High-Freq. RF Wafer bias, Plasma generation Bipolar 10 20 кА 15