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EDT Edgeblade Snapshot Storage Appliance (SSA) | Record 64TB at 10 Gbps | Detect 10GbE, STM, OTN, and VITA-49 | Framing, Aligning, and Descrambling.

The Edgeblade SSA (Snapshot Storage Appliance) is the perfect solution for your data analysis and storage needs. Comparable in performance to the EDT SNAP1 and WSU1, the Edgeblade SSA is designed as a drop-in replacement for Engineering Design Team’s (EDT) original 10G record and playback solution, WRAP 10G, WRAP PACK, and WRAP10G. 

The Edgeblade SSA adds the density, speed and flexibility of up to 64TB of fully removeable/replaceable NVMe SSDs powered by EDT’s Mako NVMe carrier board. 

Four independently operable 10G ports allow you to synchronize or record and playback multiple data streams simultaneously for optimal signal analysis capability. 

The Edgeblade SSA automatically detects incoming data rates/standards including 10GbE, STM, OTN, and VITA-49 and optionally allows recording of data as PCAP for 10GbE streams. 

The Edgeblade I/O interfaces include FPGA resources for framing, aligning and descrambling of data streams. 

EDT’s recorder software features a web-based user interface for both local and remote access and operation, and a REST API for easy integration into your own scripts or applications. Import your existing files at 10Gb rates or record new data at the edge. 

Have a custom or legacy data type without a current solution? Leverage EDT’s expertise in high-speed I/O and configurable FPGA based platforms to solve your unique challenges.

The Edgeblade SSA does not require ITAR approval.

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EDT Edgeblade SSA Records 64TB at 10 Gbps and supports 10GbE, STM, OTN, and VITA-49 data rates standards.
Edgeblade SSA Records 64TB at 10 Gbps.