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Eagle Harbor Technologies, Inc. (EHT)

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Eagle Harbor Technologies, Inc. (EHT) of Seattle WA, uses a physics-based approach to design and manufacture advanced equipment for use in pulsed power applications, high-voltage nanosecond pulsers, plasma sources for laboratory, industrial, and materials science applications, solid-state switching systems, and ultra-stable high-gain integrators for fusion energy.

EHT’s diagnostics equipment and precision pulsed power units are used by prime contractors, scientific research, medical device manufacturers, and university laboratories to advance low-temperature plasmas, semiconductor processing, space propulsion, water treatment, fusion energy science, industrial processes, and more. Our solutions can be modified, or a custom unit built, to meet your specifications.

EHT also conducts custom research and development in fusion science, including pulsed power, plasma source and experimental plasma physics, and advanced plasma diagnostics. EHT has won contracts with the United States Department of Energy (DoE), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the United States Air Force and Navy, and has received many Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Technology Transfer (STTR) awards.

The “EHT Semi” brand provides power systems for generating and controlling plasmas to improve semiconductor design and manufacture processing performance.

Eagle Harbour's products include Nanosecond Pulsers, Arbitrary Pulse Generators, Fiber Optic Isolators (Laboratory safety), Integrated Power Modules (Power Switching), Application Specific Power Supplies, Integrators (Magnetic Field Diagnostics), and Charge/Dump Control (for Laboratory safety).

Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH of Munich, Germany, provides advanced electronics products for science and industry, and is an international distributor for Eagle Harbor Technologies (EHT, Inc.). 

Nanosecond Pulsers

EHT Nanosecond Pulse Generators allow the user to independently and continuously vary the voltage, frequency, and pulse width. Adjustment is made from the front panel or by fiber optic trigger, and gives the user excellent pulse control with precision timing. Models range in power from 30 W to 5000 W.

High-Power Solid-State Switches

The EHT Integrated Power Module (IPM) simplifies high-current, high frequency solid-state switching. The IPM features a solid-state switch, fiber optically isolated gate drive, freewheeling, diodes, fast capacitors, snubbers, and crowbar diodes.

High-Voltage Pulse Generators

EHT Arbitrary Pulse Generators generate arbitrary, clean, square wave output with fast rise and fall times. Isolated and floating output can be biased based on the load. Pulse control is from the front panel, or remotely. Output voltage, duty cycle, and pulse repetition frequency are independently user adjustable. These APGs can drive varying loads, including plasma discharges.

Switching Power Amplifiers

The Switching Power Amplifier drives resistive, inductive, and resonant loads. It is IGBT or SiC MOSFET-based full bridge with fiber-optically isolated gate control and built-in shoot-through protection.

Fiber Optic Isolators

EHT Fiber Optic Isolators provide both excellent noise immunity and high voltage isolation to interlinked equipment (TTL-type control input signals). Output signals have typical three nanosecond rise / fall with jitter at sub-nanosecond. Terminations are 50 Ω, and outputs are from DC to 50 MHz. 2.2 mm plastic fiber requires no polishing or termination.

Diagnostic Integrators

EHT analog differential integrators measure the strength of a magnetic field by calculating the integral of the voltage generated by the coils. These are ultra stable, high frequency and high gain, for direct measurement of a magnetic field or current, and can operate continuously.

The EHT integrators significantly exceed the highest specifications for drift error, run time, common mode rejection, integration error, and pulse duration. They are “best of class” in the world.

Application Specific Power Supplies

Using our core IGBT-based switching technology, EHT custom power supplies feature fibre optic gate control, high voltage isolation, and precision timing. They can generate a customer specified waveform, specific to your application. Used in commerce and research, they feature fast rise and fall times, PWM control, and resonant and tail biter topologies.

Charge / Dump Control

The EHT Charge/Dump Control automates the charging, dumping, and grounding of high voltage systems in a standardized unit, with either local or remote control.