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EDT ECL / LVDS-E / RS-422-E Mezzanine board with “E-series” or “non-E” options

The EDT ECL / LVDS-E / RS-422-E is a mezzanine board that pairs with an EDT main board for PCI Express for high-speed data transfer. This “E-series” board options are ECL, LVDS or RS-422 inputs and outputs in groups of four, with an E1/T1 option. Each channel inputs or outputs a signal on the edge of the associated clock, and the data is stored in or sent from host memory via DMA.

There is a legacy “non-E” LVDS/RS-422 board with no fan which does not support ECL or E1/T1 and works only with the EDT PCI SS or GS main boards. “Non-E” boards need different configuration files and some program changes to work with the “E” board.

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ECL / LVDS-E / RS-422-E Mezzanine boar for PCI / PCIe main board is “E-series” option, and LVDS / RS-422 board is “non-E” option – from EDT.
EDT ECL / LVDS-E / RS-422-E Mezzanine boar for PCI / PCIe: 16x independent I/O channels via each standard.