BittWare IA-860m, Intel Agilex 7 AGM039 – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH

Bittware IA-860m |Massive Memory Bandwidth |PCIe 5.0 + CXL |Intel M-Series Agilex |HBM2e + DDR4 |400G networking

The Bittware IA-860m is built on BittWare’s enterprise-class foundation stones: existing products and processes that are already proven through extensive validation. When it’s time to ramp to production, this means a faster turnaround and utilizing the same hardware you have been using for development.

The Intel Agilex M-Series FPGAs are optimized for applications that are throughput- and memory-intensive. 1TBps Memory Bandwidth: A hardened memory NoC supports the industry’s highest memory bandwidth at over 1 TBps using HBM2e and DDR4. 400G: Configurable networking support for the most demanding bandwidth requirements. PCIe Gen5 and CXL Support: Data transfer speeds 2x faster than Gen4, and high-speed interface between CPUs and workload accelerators.

Built with the latest PCIe Gen5 interface, the IA-860m can transfer up to twice the bandwidth of Gen4 devices. This Massive Memory Bandwidth accelerator card includes Intel’s oneAPI Software Tool Flow Frame for FPGAs.

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BittWare IA-860m PCIe Agilex FPGA Board card featuring 400G, Gen5 PCIe, and 3x 400G, 12x 100G, or 24x 10G, 25G, 50G.
IA-860m PCIe FPGA Board: 3x 400G, 12x 100G, or 24x 10/25/50G.
BittWare IA-860m PCIe FPGA board accelerator diagram showing key hardware elements.
Hardware accelerator diagram: IA-860m PCIe FPGA Board.