ILC-16 Interlock Controller, 16 channel – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH

Fiber interlock controller ILC-16 (16 channel)

With 16 fiber optic inputs, the ILC-16 is a 1U rack mount interlock controller. It is intended for equipment and laboratory safety. Inputs must be active in order for the output to be active, selectable by the user. The ILC-16 is fully compatible with all EHT fiber receivers and transmitters, including the one-channel units FT-1 / FR-1, the 8-channel multifunction units FT-8 / FR-8, and 16-channel unit FT-16.


EHT Fiber Interlock Controller ILC-16 waveform showing input / output plots, rise / fall, and delay less than 100 ns.
Interlock Controller ILC-16 waveform: rise and fall, < 100 ns.

Product Data

EHT ILC-16-1000 Fiber interlock controller’s front panel with less than 5 ns typical rise / fall times.
Interlock Controller ILC-16-1000 with 16-channel optical input: front panel.
EHT ILC-16-1000 Fiber interlock controller showing the way LEDs indicate 16-channel activity.
Interlock Controller ILC-16-1000 with 16-channel optical input: LEDs indicate 16-channel activity.