EDT XIOS – 2U Server, 10x PCI or PCIe – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH

XIOS 2U with 10x PCI or PCIe slots – EDT I/O-intensive server

The EDT XIOS 2U is intended for high intensity I/O applications. It has ten PCI Express slots with 45 W each, and discrete cooling.

The server has one PICMG 1.3 CPU module with one Intel Xeon 5410 single or dual quad core processor, plus rear-panel I/O and two PCIe x8 slots.

There are two removable I/O modules, each carrying four more slots. 8-lane PCIe or PCI-X at 32-bit 66 MHz can be inserted into the slots, although they cannot be mixed within a set of four. Cooling air passes optimally between the two offset I/O modules.

Four 2.5″ disk drives of either 250 or 500 GB can be optionally configured as a RAID.

The four front panel ports are 2x USB, 1x I/O, and 1x audio out. There is a power switch, a status light, and access to the disk drive and DVD. The rear panel has 2x RJ45 for 10/100/1 Gb Ethernet, 2x USB, 1x serial, and 1x audio out. Also, the power connector, and a 15-pin D-sub mini-VGA.

Each of the three modules, consisting of the one CPU, two removable I/O, and four removable 2.5″ disk drive modules, has its own cooling fan and temperature sensor.
The server accepts EDT or 3rd party boards. It includes a DVD and handles, slides available.

Product Data

XIOS 2U I/O-intensive server from EDT equipped with 3 modules – each module has Intel Xeon 5410 CPU, 2x removable I/O, 4x 250 / 500 GB 2.5″ disk drives, cooling fan, and temperature sensor.
EDT XIOS 2U I/O-intensive server: 3 modules, each module has 1x CPU, 2x removable I/O, 4x 2.5″ disk drives, cooling fan, and temperature sensor.