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EDT uWRAP VITA 49 | 24 TB | CML and ECL | max 32 streams | STM and OTU compatible

The EDT uWRAP VITA 49 is a compact, self-contained system for recording and playback of VITA 49 data streams.

With 12 or 24 TB of data storage and one or two high speed optical interfaces, the uWRAP VITA 49 provides a reduced size, weight, and power (SWaP) VITA 49 record / playback solution.

Up to 32 streams can be read via one or two high speed optical data interfaces and recorded to files which can then be processed, offloaded to external storage, or played back as VITA 49.

Single or multiple stream IDs can be filtered when capturing packets to provide for separate storage of distinct streams. Streams can be stored as VITA 49, PCAP, raw I/Q data, or clearbit Ethernet. STM and OTU framed data is also supported, for compatibility with the uWRAP 25G.

Stored data can be played back through the optical channels, with independent control of rates from different DMA channels. Playback can be filtered on stream ID, allowing playback of a subset of the recorded streams, and separate files can be played back to separate VITA 49 streams.

The uWRAP VITA 49 is powered by an AMD G-series processor (x/86 architecture) running Linux with 256 GB system storage and 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM.

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EDT uWRAP VITA 49  recording / playback system with 12 / 24 TB of data storage and 1 / 2 high-speed optical interfaces – record / playback solution by Engineering Design Team.
EDT uWRAP VITA 49 self-contained recording and playback system.