Sky Blue Microsystems is the international distributor of products designed, developed, and manufactured by Engineering Design Team (EDT Inc.), Eagle Harbor Technologies (EHT Inc.), Nallatech, Kaya Instruments, and Technisys. We are based in Munich and represent customers in the German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), the rest of Europe, EMEA, and globally worldwide.

Sky Blue also operates through its wholly owned subsidiary, Zerif Technologies Ltd, located in Nottingham in the United Kingdom.

Engineering Design Team, Inc. (EDT)

Computer-to-computer and computer-to-device links through an extensive line of PCI, PCI Express, CompactPCI, PMC and AMC interfaces.

FPGA Accelerators for High Performance Computing, frame grabbers, optical and electrical carrier interfaces; IF and L-Band signal processing; high-speed DMA and I/O; Real-time acquisition, playback and storage.


Eagle Harbor Technologies, Inc. (EHT)

Eagle Harbor Technologies (EHT) manufactures pulsed power applications, solid state switches, integrated power modules, switching power amplifiers, charge/dump control for laboratory safety, fiber optic isolators, high voltage nanosecond pulse generators, arbitrary pulse generators, advanced plasma sources for laboratory, industrial, and materials science applications, and magnetic diagnostic integrators for fusion energy technologies.



FPGA accelerators for High Performance Computing, GPGPU, network processing, and real-time embedded computing that dramatically increase performance-per- watt over traditional computing architectures.


KAYA Instruments

High-speed cameras, acquisition systems and video interfaces for machine vision and broadcasting applications.

Frame grabbers, range extenders, camera simulators, integration designs, and Vision Point software for video acquisition, recording, playback and management.



Optical devices covering Electro-Optical/Opto-Electrical media conversion and Mux/Demux. Data rates between 1K and 10Gbps.

Electrical Products providing interface level conversion, line terminating CDR, multiplexers and many other interface techniques.

Passive Interface Products organize cables and make your system more reliable and maintainable. 1U to 4U housings.

Technisys BERT test equipment are cost effective ways to test systems in development or in operation.