Sky Blue Microsystems is the international distributor of products designed, developed, and manufactured by BittWare, Kaya Instruments, Eagle Harbour Technologies (EHT Inc.), Gidel, Engineering Design Team (EDT Inc.), VividSparks POSIT , MultiCamera.Systems, NorPix, and Technisys. We are based in Munich and represent customers in the German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), the rest of Europe, EMEA, and globally worldwide.

Sky Blue also operates through its wholly owned subsidiary, Zerif Technologies Ltd, located in London in the United Kingdom.


BittWare designs and manufactures the world’s most powerful FPGA cards for hardware, compute, network, and storage acceleration using Intel and Xilinx FPGAs, as well as the TeraBox ultra high-performance FPGA server platform. These FPGA accelerators are used for Network and Packet Processing (NPP), High Performance Computing (HPC), and Signal Processing (SP), in cybersecurity, high frequency trading, surveillance, and data acquisition applications.


BittWare – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH
KAYA Instruments – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH

KAYA Instruments

High-speed cameras, acquisition systems and video interfaces for machine vision and broadcasting applications.

Frame grabbers, range extenders, camera simulators, integration designs, and Vision Point software for video acquisition, recording, playback and management.


Eagle Harbor Technologies, Inc. (EHT)

Eagle Harbor Technologies (EHT) manufactures pulsed power applications, solid state switches, integrated power modules, switching power amplifiers, charge/dump control for laboratory safety, fiber optic isolators, high voltage nanosecond pulse generators, arbitrary pulse generators, advanced plasma sources for laboratory, industrial, and materials science applications, and magnetic diagnostic integrators for fusion energy technologies.


Eagle Harbor Technologies – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH
Gidel – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH


Gidel develops high performance FPGA solutions for sale and for customers using standard tools like OpenCl, and advanced internal development tools, which are also available as products for customers.

Gidel serves sectors such as imaging, vision systems, DNA research,  artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality,  machine learning, security, and frameworks for High Performance Computing clusters.

Intelligent FPGA solutions for FPGA acceleration from Gidel require high performance, compute efficiency, and the best use of memory resources. Gidel has the experience and the tools to reduce development time to ensure best-in-class products.


Engineering Design Team, Inc. (EDT)

Computer-to-computer and computer-to-device links through an extensive line of PCI, PCI Express, CompactPCI, PMC and AMC interfaces.

FPGA Accelerators for High Performance Computing, frame grabbers, optical and electrical carrier interfaces; IF and L-Band signal processing; high-speed DMA and I/O; Real-time acquisition, playback and storage.


Engineering Design Team – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH
VividSparks POSIT – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH

VividSparks POSIT

VividSparks announces the end of error! VividSparks has developed a highly advanced implementation of the POSIT number system that gives 2 to 3 more decimal places accuracy over floating point computation, 32-bit and 64-bit respectively.

An increased computational accuracy 2 to 3 decimal places becomes exponential when computations are iterative, or input to a subsequent calculation.

VividSparks extracts unmatched power and performance from your hardware, and the higher dynamic range means less silicon for the same application. Applications include HPC High Performance Computing, Graphics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, DSP digital signal processing, audio and video.

Vivid Sparks is delivered in the Verilog HPL as a soft IP core, on one of our or FPGA board level solutions, in the Cloud as a service, or as a turnkey chip for HPC, Automotive, Graphics, or Artificial Intelligence applications.



Multicamera.Systems of Houston TX provides highly optimized software to record video from multiple cameras or sensors synchronized to one or more Windows or Linux Recorders, and streamed live in real time with zero latency. The whole operation can be remote controlled from a PC or tablet.

All modern vision protocols are supported, including USB-Vision, GigE-Vision, CoaXPress, and CameraLink CLHS. Data acquisition from non-camera sources such as lidar and other sensors can also be configured.


MultiCamera.Systems – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH
NorPix – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH


NorPix is the leading developer of digital video recording software and solutions for high speed video recording using either single or multiple cameras in continuous mode to disk.

NorPix works with most cameras and frame grabbers, including those by Kaya Instruments.



Optical devices covering Electro-Optical/Opto-Electrical media conversion and Mux/Demux. Data rates between 1K and 10Gbps.

Electrical Products providing interface level conversion, line terminating CDR, multiplexers and many other interface techniques.

Passive Interface Products organize cables and make your system more reliable and maintainable. 1U to 4U housings.

Technisys BERT test equipment are cost effective ways to test systems in development or in operation.


Technisys – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH