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FPGA Main Board Accelerators

Our main boards have extensive FPGA resources and can also be used standalone as hardware accelerators. They provide powerful high-speed DMA, memory, and programmable FPGA resources. These Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) FPGA cards, IP, and tools address a wide range of real-time embedded and latency-critical applications where Size, Weight and Power (SWAP) considerations are decisive. Our products are based on industry standards including VME/VXS, XMC/PMC, PCI Express, PCI-X, PCI and PCI-104.

Example applications of our FPGA Cards include: RADAR, LIDAR, Medical Imaging, Software Defined Radio, Industrial Control, Data Communications (Datacom), Telecommunications (Telecom), Signals Intelligence, Encryption/Decryption, Network monitoring and security, Deep Packet Inspection, Real-Time image processing, and High Frequency Trading.