Nallatech 510T – dual Altera Arria 10 1150 GX | PCIe Gen3 x16, 3 Tflops, 8x DDR4

The Nallatech 510T Compute Acceleration Card is an FPGA co-processor that delivers maximum performance-per-watt for intensive compute applications such as the datacenter.

In a GPU format, and with a 16-lane PCIe Gen 3 card, it is powered by dual Altera Arria 10 floating point FPGAs. Total sustained performance is up to 3 Tflops.

Included is a Board Support Package for the Altera Software Development Kit. This OpenCL SDK allows the user to program the card without knowledge of hardware-based tool flows otherwise necessary for FPGAs.

The 510T Compute Acceleration Card comes with a peak bandwidth of 290 Gbs. This external memory is configured as 8 independent banks of DDR4 and one Hybrid Memory Cube. This combination of DDR4s and ultra-fast HMC, plus on-chip memory bandwidth of 14.4 Tbs and PCIe Gen3 x16 Host Interface, unbinds memory intensive computing for unprecedented performance per watt.

Block Diagram for Nallatech 510T

Nallatech 510T – dual Altera Arria 10 1150 GX Block Diagram

Product Data

The Nallatech 510T is a dual Altera Arria 10 1150 GX FPGA co-processor compute acceleration card with PCIe Gen3 x16, 3 Tflops peak, and 8x DDR4 banks with OpenCL

Nallatech 510T – dual Altera Arria 10 1150 GX

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