EDT Combo 2 Mezzanine Board – 16x E1/T1, 4x E3/T3, 16x LVDS (TIA644 standard) or RS-422

The EDT Combo 2 is a mezzanine board that pairs with a PCI/e main board for complex user-defined applications such as telecommunications network monitoring or telecommunications switching. The board pair transfers serial telecom or LVDS / RS-422 data at high speed via a 66 MHz 32-bit PCI. Versatile access to host memory is via the fast DMA controller. Sixteen independent DMA-to-host channels, two large synchronous static memory banks or one memory bank up to 1 GB memory, and Xilinx FPGA are provided by the main board. FPGA configuration files are available. The EDT Combo2 interface card has sixteen E1/T1 line interfaces, four E3/T3 line interfaces, and sixteen LVDS (TIA644 standard) or RS-422 differential inputs / output (input or output in groups of four). Output data is synchronized by an external LVDS clock.

Product Data

EDT Combo2 Mezzanine. 16x E1/T1, 4x E3/T3, 16x LVDS or RS-422 differential inputs / outputs (in 4s). 16 independent DMA-to-host channels, 2x banks or 1 GB, Xilinx FPGA

EDT Combo2 Mezz - E1/T1, E3/T3, LVDS or RS-422 interface

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