ISP-8 | 8 Channel Differential Integrator, operation over 1 s

The ILP-8 contains 8 differential independent integrator channels, which are optimized to run for times longer than 1 second.

The period of integration can range from 1 s to continuous and is controlled by an external gate. Continuous operation is stable while gated on.

The ILP-8 demonstrates a very large dynamic range of 22 bit at 1,000 s.

The EHT ILP-8 pulse duration has been bench tested at longer than 3,600 s, which exceeds ITER integrator stability requirements of > 3,000 s. It also exceeds the specification of < 0.25 mVs, even with common mode currents present. Voltages of over 500 V can be input for up to 100 ms.

The figure of merit is 10E-9 Vs/s (RC*Drift Error/Run Time) at 10E4 s.

Product Data

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