Kaya Instruments JetCam 25 camera with 40 Gbps fiber optic interface (25 Gbps CoaXPress) and global shutter. 80 fps and high quality 5120 × 5120

The JetCam 25 with 40 Gbps fiber optic interface (25 Gbps CoaXPress) by Kaya Instruments is a global shutter camera with a Fiber or CoaXPress interface. Capture is up to 80 fps, and resolution is 25 megapixel 5120 × 5120. This camera has a global shutter sensor 4.5 μm CMOS Python 25k. Lens control is direct and needs no external unit. Excellent for limited space due to small form factor and low power demand. A monitor can be connected as a view finder or to help installation via 3G SDI output. Cable length up to 10 km. The system is customizable to user specification and is compatible with Kaya Komodo frame grabbers and the Vision Point SDK. Mounts are Nikon F and B4 2/3”, both with integrated lens control.

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Workflow of the JetCam 25 Mp

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