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FPGA Boards / Data Acquisition

Select your FPGA accelerator, or choose a mezzanine board to meet your complex signaling requirements, and match it to an FPGA main board compatible with your bus architecture and memory requirements. Our products serve SWAP-critical (size, weight, and power) real-time embedded applications, including datacom, telecom, radio, and broadcast video. Products are "Commercial Off The Shelf" (COTS), and conform to industry standard VME/VXS, XMC/PMC, PCI Express, PCI-X, PCI and PCI-104 form factors. 

Optical carrier interface boards conform to standards from multiple SONET OC and SDH STM to 10 gigabit ethernet.
High-speed DMA boards support E3/T3, ECL, LVDS, RS422, synchronous serial, and a variety of other signal levels. 

All of this data can be recorded and stored for playback in real-time data acquisition and mass storage systems designed for intensive I/O in demanding environments.

We support FPGA Main and Mezzanine Boards and real time data acquisition systems from Nallatech and Engineering Design Team (EDT) for HPC High Performance Computing and General Processing using Graphic Processing Units GPGPU.

Product Spectrum

These high performance, fast FPGA hardware and network accelerator system boards are in the same class as main and daughter cards such as the Terasic TR5, Digilent NetFPGA-SUME, or Mellanox Flex 4 Lx EN.