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Bittware PCIe 5.0 NIC Card with Agilex 7 and LMS ÜberNIC with CXL

The Bittware PCIe 5.0 NIC Card has an Intel Agilex® 7 FPGA and LMS ÜberNIC with CXL. This fully hardware-accelerated network stack finds first use in data centers for the financial services industry (FSI) and others. This is the first FPGA-powered CXL NIC.

PCIe 5.0 + CXL

BittWare partner Liquid-Markets-Solutions (LMS) have moved the full network stack into an FPGA, a unique achievement. The Intel Agilex I-Series FPGA has  PCIe 5.0 bandwidth and CXL low-latency.

Called ÜberNIC, this family of NIC cards is built on BittWare hardware for enterprise-class deployment in datacenters.

ÜberNIC for Low-Latency Trading

Fact: Today's NICs Don't Stack Up for Market Trading. Today’s market feeds regularly pass 850 Mb/s—the point at which even the best competitive NIC’s network stack begin to dramatically lose sufficient latency performance.

Enter ÜberNIC, the first commercially-available FPGA NIC with the entire network stack in accelerated hardware, allowing for consistent low latency. This is game-changing performance for Fintech.

Key Features at a Glance for Financial Services Industry (FSI)



Future Compatible


Tap into the Power of Agilex 7

Central to the performance gains of ÜberNIC over competitors is the Intel Agilex 7 FPGA. This chip brings the core features like PCIe 5.0 and CXL—plus I/O giving double (or more) the port density of even top competitors.

Performance & Usability - 61% Lower Latency, Full RTT <558ns

At its core, ÜberNIC is a low-latency focused NIC. With the combination of full hardware acceleration and low-latency PCIe transfers thanks to CXL, you get unmatched performance—even during peak market times.

Built on BittWare

BittWare brings enterprise-class products to market using the latest technology such as Agilex FPGAs. Today’s high-speed interfaces require significant care in the design and manufacturing process to make a reliable, high-quality product at scale.


Consistent Performance

Even up to 3,000 Mb/s ÜberNIC performs with low latency. The cards can run in a variety of servers supporting PCIe 3/4/5.

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Bittware LMS PCIe 5.0 NIC with Agilex 7 I-Series and CXL is Fully Hardware-Accelerated Network Stack and First Use Case Targets Financial Services Industry FSI.
PCIe 5.0 NIC with Agilex 7 I-Series and CXL: Fully Hardware-Accelerated Network Stack.
Bittware LMS ÜberNIC 95th PCIe 5.0 Percentile RTT Performance Summary.
ÜberNIC 95th Percentile RTT Performance Summary.
Bittware LMS ÜberNIC Ultra, ÜberNIC Ultra-plus Single Width Low Profile, Up to 8× 1 10 25G Links.
ÜberNIC Ultra | ÜberNIC Ultra+ Single Width, Low Profile | Up to 8× 1/10/25G Links.
Bittware LMS ÜberNIC Ultra Wide, ÜberNIC Ultra-plus Wide Single Width, FH 3/4L, Up to 16× 1 10 25G Links
ÜberNIC Ultra Wide | ÜberNIC Ultra+ Wide Single Width, FH 3/4L | Up to 16× 1/10/25G Links