Bittware RFX-8440 Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH

Bittware RFX-8440 | Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC | L-Band 1-2 GHz | 4x 5 GSPS ADCs  | 4x 10 GSPS DACs | 200 Gbps

Accelerate your wireless systems development now with complete coverage of sub-6GHz spectrum bands in a PCIe FPGA card.

At the center of the new RFX-8440 is the latest generation single-chip RFSoC from Xilinx, the Zynq ZU43. This device is designed to bring together multi-channel data conversion and processing on a single chip.

Perform multi-channel direct RF sampling on a single chip with the flexibility to serve applications like 5G, RADAR, test & measurement and satellite communications. BittWare’s RFX-8440 features the latest third-generation RFSoC UltraScale+ Zynq device from Xilinx.

Tapping three decades of experience in designing sensor processing cards, BittWare’s analog front-end features variable gain in/out down to -80 dBm (input) to provide 4 Channels of Analog In/Out optimized for L Band.

Bittware RFX-8440 Xilinx Zynq UltraScale plus RFSoC accelerator diagram showing hardware components.
Hardware accelerator diagram Bittware RFX-8440 with Xilinx Zynq ZU43 RFSoC+ RFSoC.

Product Data

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Bittware RFX-8440 data acquisition card is for 5G, LTE wireless, phased array RADAR and satellite communications.
Bittware RFX-8440 data acquisition card is capable of addressing the entire sub-6 GHz spectrum. 
Bittware RFX-8440 with OCuLink Expansion Port for 8x25 Gb/s speed Cards, CPUs, or NVMe Storage.
Bittware RFX-8440: Connect to Other Cards, CPUs, or NVMe Storage at 200 Gb/s.
Bittware RFX-8440 FPGA with Xilinx Zynq ZU43 RFSoC plus RFSoC: real-time dual-core ARM, a second quad-core ARM, and up to 6 GHz of direct RF sampling.
Bittware RFX-8440 FPGA with Xilinx Zynq ZU43 RFSoC: real-time dual-core ARM and a second quad-core ARM.