BittWare 250S+ – Xilinx KU15P Ultrascale – Sky Blue Microsystems GmbH

BittWare 250S+ | Xilinx KU15P Ultrascale FPGA | 8-lane PCIe Gen 4 | Four 960 GB or 1.92 TB M.2 NVMe SSDs | DDR4 or MRAM

The BittWare 250S+ is powered by a Xilinx KU15P Ultrascale FPGA (FFVA1156 in default configuration speed grade 2). It is a fully programmable, flash SSD, near-storage, localized FPGA accelerator with up to 4 M.2 NVMe SSDs or M.2 to U.2 SSD Cables and DDR4 or MRAM.

The BittWare 250S is a high performance PCIe 8-lane Gen-3-based flash SSD with localized FPGA acceleration capability.

BittWare 250S-plus FPGA Gen3 x8 PCIe Card supports up to four M.2 NMVe SSDs coupled on-card to the Xilinx FPGA, OCuLink or MiniSAS-HD.
BittWare 250S+ FPGA: up to four M.2 NMVe SSDs coupled on-card to the Xilinx FPGA, OCuLink or MiniSAS-HD. 

Applications include datacentric and distributed compute algorithms such as Inline Encryption, Burst Buffer Caching, Database Acceleration, Checkpoint Restarting, and Inline Compression.

BittWare 250S plus Xilinx UltraScale Gen3 x8 PCIe FPGA Board hardware accelerator diagram.
Hardware accelerator diagram for BittWare 250S+ Xilinx UltraScale KU15P FPGA accelerator with KU15P in a FFVA1156 package and core speed grade -2 configuration.

Product Data

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BittWare 250S plus FPGA Gen3 x8 PCIe Card includes Database Acceleration, In-line Compression - Encryption, Checkpoint Restarting, and Burst Buffer Caching.
BittWare 250S+ FPGA: Database Acceleration, In-line Compression/Encryption, Checkpoint Restarting, Burst Buffer Caching. 
BittWare 250S-plus – Xilinx Kintex KU15P UltraScale FPGA accelerator card on PCIe 8-lane Gen-3 supporting 4x on-board 960GB NVMe SSD sticks.
BittWare 250S+ accelerator board supports 4x on-board 960GB NVMe SSD sticks.
BittWare 250S+ Xilinx KU15P FPGA board with double-width passive heatsink standard cooling and 1x 4 GB 2400 MT/s DDR4 SDRAM.
BittWare 250S+ FPGA accelerator: double-width passive heat sink standard cooling.
BittWare 250S+ FPGA accelerator board with 4x M.2 NVMe SSD Sticks or Cables supports compute algorithms like inline compression, inline encryption, checkpoint restarting, database acceleration, and burst buffer caching.
BittWare 250S+ FPGA accelerator: 4x M.2 NVMe SSD Sticks or Cables.