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BittWare DIME-II

These BittWare cards run embedded PCI and PCI-104 and include a motherboard, modules and software. They are well suited to rapid prototyping and deployment. The motherboards are PCI Express, PCI-X, PCI, PCI-104 and VME/VXS compatible. By adding DIME-II modules, processing, memory and I/O can be customized and scaled. Commercial operating temperatures are supported, with industrial temperatures optional.

Please contact us for more information about the BittWare 280, BenONE-PCIe, BENADDA-16, DATA-V5, BenADC-3G, BenADC-1.5G, BenADC-V4, BenDATA-V4, BenADDA-V4, BenBlue-V4, BenIO-V4, BenDVI, BenPRO, BenTEST, and BenDATA-II products.

BittWare DIME-II supporting PCIe, PCI-X, PCI, PCI-104 and VME/VXS.
BittWare DIME-II compatible with PCIe, PCI-X, PCI, PCI-104 and VME/VXS.