Integrated Power Module | Solid state switching, precision PWM, 100 ns

This Integrated Power Module (IPM) by Eagle Harbor Technologies (EHT) simplifies high-current, high frequency, solid-state switching. The IPM features a solid-state switch, fiber optically isolated gate drive, freewheeling diodes, fast capacitors, snubbers, and crowbar diodes. It is housed in a 3U chassis.

EHT’s precision gate drive produces clean switching waveforms. The low jitter (< 5 ns) gate drive allows units to be operated in parallel to drive high currents to the load. The precision gate drive produces very fast switch transitions, which significantly decreases the switching losses. Our patented IPM is the most efficient high frequency IPM available.

Extremely robust, the EHT IPM resists EMI noise and operates in difficult laboratory and experiment environments. Onboard voltage monitoring warns of malfunction or overvoltage. Optional built-in snubbers and freewheeling diodes protect against reverse currents and inductive voltage spikes.

Main Features


Example Application: High Current Magnet Driver with Pulse Width Modulation Capabilities

Consider a power supply that switches 40 kA at 100 kHz PWM and drives an inductive load (electromagnet coils). The supply consits of sixteen IPM-16PPs operating in parallel at 2.5 kA per module for 10 ms. In the figure, the collector-emitter voltage of the IGBT (Ch2) and the current in the load (Ch3) can be seen. During the pulse, the pulse width was altered to change the current.

The parallel operation, high current and high frequency capabilities of the IPMs can be clearly seen. High switching frequencies and precise pulse width resolution allow for much finer PWM control than other solid-state-based PWM power supplies.

Product Data

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